Fitness Independence

Escape the Dogma and Be Fit Your Way (The Red Delta Project Book 1) (English Edition)
von Matt Schifferle

Modern living has made health and fitness more important
than ever. Ironically, modern living that has
made popular fitness methods too complicated and
costly to be practical much less effective.

In Fitness Independence, Matt Schifferle shares what he
has learned about how to be as fit as possible, without
having to sacrifice your lifestyle to the gym or “eating right.”

Through focusing on just 5 key principals, you’ll learn how
to achieve better results from building muscle to shedding
fat. At the same time, you’ll break free from the costly
fads and trends that shackle both your results and your
daily lifestyle.

This is not another book about how to burn fat or get six
pack abs. It’s a new approach towards diet and exercise
while remaining free to be fit on your own terms.
It’s a book about how to “be fit and live free.”