Fitness for Beginners

Body transformation in 90 days, Burn Fat, Build Muscles, Feel Energized (No Gym Required, Bodyweight Workout, Home Workouts, Pre and Post Workout Diet) (English Edition)
von Codie Harris

This book will make you love fitness, will make you do it because you love it not because you have to

Have you always wanted to look good and feel good, to lose fat and have more power and strength; to increase your muscle mass and athletic performance or even to increase the quality and longevity of your life? If you have any one of such ambitions for your life, there is nothing better than a simple physical fitness program to enable you achieve such goals.

When people are told to work out, they often assume doing resistance training and cardio at the gym. What you don’t know is that you don’t really need a gym or very expensive equipment. You can still get fit without leaving the comfort of your home if you do it consistently and correctly. Working out at home can be every bit as effective as working out in the gym.

This easy-to-follow fitness guide is specifically made for you if you have little or no experience in physical training. By the end of 90 days, you will get into the best shape of your life. The amazing thing about this guide is that it is simple and you don’t have to go to a gym.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Warming Up Exercises
Body Weight Workout Circuit For Beginners
Core Bodyweight Circuit Exercises
Lower Bodyweight Circuit Exercises
Pre And Post Workout Diet

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