Tahitian Noni Juice

Noni Juice, which comes from the morinda citrifolia fruit, has been claimed over many years to be a cure-all for numerous types of ailments. Recently it has become the huge health rage over the entire United States. Bottles of Tahitian noni juice, which are often small in comparison to the juice we often buy at the grocery store, range from ten dollars a bottle up to eighty dollars a bottle. Why is this juice becoming such a huge hit? Could it be a miracle cure-all or just snake oil?

Many years ago, islanders from the South Pacific used the noni fruit for many different ailments including such problems as joint discomfort and arthritis, depression and sleep-loss, to topical solutions for irritations and bites. To the islanders, this fruit was a great source of health benefits and a universal one at that.

But how much do we actually know about this fruit? No actual proof has been made to right these claims or put up any fight against them. Our society, however, is often eager to jump on the bandwagon at any chance to feel better, stay younger, or live healthier.

What is known about Tahitian noni juice? Well Noni is a fruit like any other fruit. It does have vitamins like other fruit, and yes, it is very nutritious. Other than that, Tahitian noni juice seems no different than most other tropical fruits. Could there be something in it that is a miracle cure for numerous ailments? Possibly, but no evidence can strongly support this. Have many claimed it has helped them with their health? Yes, definitely! Many have claimed that it does help numerous areas of their health and probably shouldn’t be dismissed as completely pointless.

The problem lies when people and marketing agencies make claims that Tahitian noni juice cures things without proper proof of it doing so. There have been those diagnosed with cancer and was told that noni juice could cure their cancer. Unfortunately, those people can’t be here to make their testimonial that it does not cure such an illness because they are no longer with us. It is only propaganda which we have been force-fed to believe and there are those who prey on vulnerable people who really want to believe that a simple juice could be such a cure.

A word to the wise, take health supplements for the sole purpose of “supplementing” your health, not cure a disease. If you take a supplement, weigh out the risks involved, ask questions, and don’t assume a single supplement will cure anything. If it does happen to cure anything, great! But simply don’t expect it to just because a business person says so or you hear it on a commercial or label.