Supplements for Women

Once dismissed as something that was just in our heads, premenstrual syndrome is finally acknowledged as a real disorder. PMS affects women in different ways – making us edgy, emotional, crampy or bloated. Other symptoms include breast tenderness, headaches, backaches, impaired concentration and focus, and food cravings. Most women figure they just have to live with it. But the truth is that taking all-natural supplements can help you feel loads better. nutraOrigin, makers of high quality vitamins for women, shares the secrets of natural PMS relief.

Who Gets PMS?

Up to 80 percent of women of childbearing age suffer from PMS. It usually strikes women in their mid-20s and tends to get worse as they get older, until they finally stop menstruating altogether.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, also called premenstrual disorder, is a more severe form of PMS that affects 5 percent of women in their reproductive years. Women with PDD are so negatively impacted by mood changes such as anger and depression that they have difficulty functioning.

PMS Prevention

The good news is that there are 100% natural products that help ease PMS symptoms. nutraOrigin, makers of high quality vitamins for women, developed a PMS remedy called PMS Balance, which combines both Western and Eastern approaches to treating the disorder. PMS Balance contains the following ingredients:

Magnesium: It’s been documented that women with PMS are often deficient in this muscle-relaxing mineral, which could account for some of their symptoms.

Vitamin B6: A large body of clinical research shows that vitamin B6 helps relieve premenstrual symptoms. In fact, a review trial found that B6 is twice as likely as placebo to provide PMS relief.

Vitamin C: If you experience heavy bleeding during your menstrual cycle, fragile blood vessels could be to blame. Vitamin C helps strengthen blood vessels, making them less likely to leak.

Choline & Taurine: Both of these nutrients play an important role in the health of the nervous system, which can be negatively affected by PMS.

Rambling Powder: This traditional Chinese herbal formula, consisting of bupleurum root, peony root, dong quai root, and licorice root, has been used for nearly 1,000 years to ease premenstrual discomfort. Chinese herbalists believe it works by relieving “stagnant liver chi,” allowing life energy to flow and the spirit to ramble.

Together, the ingredients in this PMS product provide PMS cramp relief, support a positive mood, and ease muscle tension, irritability, bloating and breast tenderness – without any harmful side effects.

A Synergistic Approach

Any woman who suffers from PMS should also be sure to take a daily multivitamin, such as nutraOrigin’s Nutra Multi. Not only does Nutra Multi cover a woman’s vitamin needs, it also provides 500 mg of calcium – one of the best natural remedies for premenstrual distress. Another product to consider is nutraOrigin’s Omega-3 Essentials, which provides essential fatty acids the body needs but can’t manufacture. EFAs have been studied for their role in alleviating PMS symptoms.

The experts at nutraOrigin recommend taking all three formulas together for maximum synergistic effect.