Strengthen Your Core For Golf Using A Fitness Ball

Some call it a Swiss Ball, some call it a fitness ball, others use the more modern term ‘stability ball.’ Whatever you call it, the stability ball has been used in exercise and rehabilitation for years and has recently been adopted by personal trainers and fitness instructors for use in strength training and muscle development, especially when it comes to exercises designed to strengthen the core muscles.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) says that core strength is important because the muscles of the lower back and abdomen serve as a solid foundation for nearly all bodily activities, movement, and posture. Incorporation of the stability ball into an exercise routine helps to further strengthen core muscles due to the continuous adjustments that the body’s muscles must make to remain stable on the ball.

Use of the stability ball has become fairly common is core-based exercises like crunches, but many trainers have discovered benefits of using the ball in other exercises as well. It can even be used in non exercise settings to help strengthen core muscles. Reebok University Education manager Lisa Wheeler recently told CNN correspondent Kat Carney that stability balls can even be used by office workers. Replacing the desk chair with a stability ball can lead to strengthening the core muscles while simply sitting at one’s desk.

A stronger core can benefit anyone, but golfers in particular will see benefits from the increase in core strength and stability, leading to longer drives, and better posture and balance. If you want to improve your core, get on the ball!