Step Up to Pampered

Are you one of the millions of American women who dislike their feet – feet that are dry, cracked and hidden from view?

If you’ve tried countless creams, medications or pumice stones with little or no relief, or can’t afford weekly spa pedicure treatments, don’t fret. Relief for your time-worn, cracked tootsies is in sight, right in the comfort of your home.

Dr. Jeffrey Best, a Norwalk, Conn., podiatrist, said that 25 percent of his patients complain about their calluses, corns and dryness. Unattractive feet could be one reason why pedicures have become one of the most popular spa treatments, adding to the booming $11 billion spa industry. And today’s pedicures are no longer just about pretty toenails. Dry, cracked and sometimes painful feet and heels not only detract from the foot’s appearance, but can also lead to infections.

To achieve a safe and healthy home pedicure, use podiatrist-approved tools. Best recommends using the Artemis Woman Heel Smoother, a new pedicure appliance invented by women that quickly and safely removes dry, cracked, calloused skin.

The Heel Smoother is an affordable, battery-operated, hand-held appliance with a diamond crystal buffing tip that literally leaves unsightly skin in a cloud of dust, transforming your feet. After one use, feet will look healthier and feel smoother. Most importantly, feet will appear attractive in open-toe shoes.

A home pedicure is as easy as closing the bathroom door, lighting candles and getting in the mood. Ready for a home spa pedicure experience? Here’s how to do it right:

* Soak your feet in a warm bubble bath to soften dry, stubborn calluses. Follow by drying thoroughly with a soft towel.

* To exfoliate, simply rotate the Heel Smoother across the foot in a circular motion, making sure not to hold it in one spot for more than two seconds.

* Use a brand-new, high-quality emery board to shape and buff the nails.

* Moisturize and protect the skin by using lotion or Topaz Foot Butter. For severely cracked heels or tough calluses, apply foot butter again before bedtime. Wear socks to sleep to keep heels moisturized and soft.

* Now polish toenails. Simply gorgeous!