small child who is obese

One thing I can never come to terms with is weight. I won’t give you the diatribe about weight loss and how I managed to drop 75 pounds, because it would all be a lie. The fact is I’ve never been overweight and I’ve never had to count calories. My metabolism is ridiculously fast. I suppose a lot of it is genetics. However, this doesn’t steer me away from physical fitness and proper exercise. I practice martial arts and lift weights regularly. I figure I had better work to keep that metabolism going for when I hit 40 and 50. Besides I want to be strong, in shape, and set a good example for my children. No offense, but you should be doing the same thing. It’s imperative to get our kids started at a young age.

Nothing is worse than seeing a small child who is obese. This is terrible! I often wonder what other cultures think when they visit the United States. They probably think we’re a bunch of fast food eating bums. They probably laugh at our poor diet and obesity pandemic. We’re supposed to be a great nation here. What’s with all the overweight people? It’s time to stop the madness. I don’t recall what fitness guru said that, but she was right on the money. We have to teach our kids proper physical fitness and be certain their health is not in danger. Are you with me, folks? Okay, so we already know they learn physical fitness in school. This starts in first grade. In addition to this, we, the parents, need to help them with proper diet and exercise at home. Always encourage your kids to run and play outside. I do this with my seven year old daughter and she prefers the outdoors. The last thing she wants is to be stuck inside. She gets tons of exercise this way. I know for a fact that this benefits her health. Furthermore, be sure that you’re providing your children with the right diet. This means very little sugar, salts and saturated fats. Do away with fast food completely if you can. We did, and it’s so much better for their bodies.

So, is physical fitness now on your priority list? I sure hope so. Even if you do not have children to teach proper physical fitness to, take good care of yourself. Exercise daily and adopt healthy eating habits. This will dramatically improve your life and attitude.