When I heard about Dr. Pericones discovery of the 10 superfoods featured on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show “10 Years Younger in 10 Days,” I immediately wanted to try the challenge myself. After making a list of these 10 superfoods I set out to find them. It should be pretty easy, right? After visiting 3 different grocery stores, I had only collected about half and realized the challenge would be more difficult than I originally imagined!

I thought, someone needs to bottle this mixture up and sell it as a single supplement! Then I found that someone already had. The wife of the CEO of Orovo happened to be watching that day and decided to take on the challenge of incorporating these foods into her diet for 10 days. Looking younger is a matter of perception, but what was measurable were the pounds and acne she lost in the process.

To make incorporating these superfoods from all around the world into her and others diets, they created the Orovo dietary supplements with high quality extracts of these 10 superfoods. Combining these extracts with green tea and wrinkle removers, Orovo was designed to help people realize their health goals — whether that is to lose weight, detox their body, improve their skin or just become overall healthier.