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Health, energy, and nutrition have become the primary focus in today’s society. Everywhere you look there are ads for nutritious foods, energy drinks, buys for the health-conscious shopper. But unfortunately, today’s fast paced world leaves very little time for you to devote to yourself, even enough time to exercise. Day to day routines can be so hectic and exhausting; you’re too tired even to think about being active after a hard day of working. Energy drinks are highly popular right now, and the temptation is to pop open a can of energy so you can do more, be even more on the go, get that much more done in a single day. But…energy drinks aren’t really healthy or very good for your nutrition. They are notoriously filled with sugar and caffeine, both things that you body doesn’t need. So where does that leave you?

“Energy drinks are different from sports drinks. Most energy drinks simply provide lots of sugar or caffeine. Sports drinks are intended to replenish electrolytes, sugars, water and other nutrients and are usually isotonic (containing the same proportions as found in the human body).”- Wikipedia, Energy Drink, May 2006

As more and more consumers are becoming health-conscious, the market is slowly beginning to change. We do not have to consume sugary, high-caffeine energy drinks any longer. Zsenso iced green tea and Zsenso iced peach green tea, made of rare Chinese green tea leaves, may be your healthy alternative to standard energy drinks. After trying these delicious iced green teas, you may never go back to sugary energy drinks again.“Tea has played a significant role in Asian culture for centuries as a staple beverage, a curative and a symbol of status. It is not surprising its discovery is ascribed to religious or royal origins. Even the earliest texts discuss the health benefits of tea.” -Wikipedia, Green Tea, May 2006

Discovered in China, tea has swept the world and become a staple of many cultures around the globe. China, the world’s leader of tea, still produces more varieties of tea than any other country. For five thousand years, claims have been made that green tea is beneficial to your health. Recently, more and more studies are being done of green tea and scientists are discovering that these claims are not wholly false.

“An article in New Scientist magazine (20 March 2004) mentions that numerous studies suggest that green tea protects against a range of cancers, including lung, prostate and breast cancer.”- Wikipedia, Green Tea, May 2006

Zsenso iced green tea and Zsenso iced peach green tea, made of rare Chinese green tea leaves, can be a health-friendly alternative to sugary, highly caffeinated energy drinks. Look for Zsenso iced tea products in your area, or purchase Zsenso iced green teas online.

But, if you like a lot variety in your energy drinks, XS energy drinks are the best choice for you. XS energy drinks are available in all options: caffeine-free, zero-carb, and sugar free choices. The list of flavours goes on and on: rootbeer, cranberry-grape, tropical, citrus, cherry, tea-berry, and electric lemon, to name a few. In caffeine-free versions, buyers can find rootbeer blast, cranberry-grape blast, and tropical blast.

You can be health conscious, care about nutrition, and still find an energy drink that won’t do you more harm than good – as long as you know where to look for it. XS energy drinks and Zsenso iced green teas will taste great and won’t fill you up with sugar and carbs that will hurt more than help. Energy drinks that can be healthy, too? You’d have to drink it to believe it!