Acne treatment – All About Tretinoin

Tretinoin is a retinoid. Retinoids are compounds that are derived from Vitamin A. Tretinoin is applied topically on acne and has been found to be very effective. Let us know more about Tretinoin.

Acne treatment with Tretinoin-

Tretinoin controls acne effectively by unclogging the pores and promoting the peeling of the affected skin. US FDA approved it in 1971 for topical treatment of some forms of acne. Tretinoin is available in the form of topical gel, liquid or cream. It is normally recommended for use every day at nighttime or at interval of some days. Your doctor will tell you about that after looking at your acne.

In the beginning of the acne treatment, your acne may get worse with use of Tretinoin. The skin may appear red, and increase in acne sores may be found with scaling of the skin. The normal time period during which improvement is seen is between three to six weeks.

Care while using Tretinoin-

While using Tretinoin for acne treatment, please consult your doctor about use of any topical medication and also any other product such as any lotions etc. Ask your doctor about use of shampoos etc. while you are under treatment. You must also inform your doctor if you are using any oral medication. Pregnancy is to be avoided while using Tretinoin. Please talk to your doctor in detail about that before you begin using Tretinoin for treating your acne. Tretinoin makes the skin very sensitive to sunlight. Proper sun screening is necessary while using Tretinoin.

Side Effects- If you observe any side effects such as red scaling skin, change in color of skin, stinging in the skin or swelling and if these symptoms do not go away, please consult your doctor immediately.

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